Protect Your Child From Electric Shocks

Parents should follow simple rules at home :
  • Unplug all wires and electrical devices which are not in use especially electrical irons, hair straighteners, toasters, gysers etc.
  • Regularly check all appliances for loose or damaged wires. Especially the ones which are of high voltage.    
  • Do not overload the sockets with many plugs at one time.
  • Unplug the unrequired appliances before going to bed. Do not put them on standby mode.
  • Unplug mobile chargers after charging as they could heat up and can cause fire.
  • Unused sockets should be secured from kids.
Educate your kids on the following:
  • Do not put finger or any object in the outlet.
  • Never use electrical appliances around water.
  • Never pull the plug out of socket with its cord.
  • Wear rubber slippers when touching any plugs or switches .
  • Never touch an electrical appliance or switches with wet hands.
  • Do not touch or climb power poles.
  • Do not touch metal transformers.  
  • Educate kids about warning signs and boards.