Healthy and Hygienic Environment for Kids  
- Dr. Kapila Sharma 
Healthy surrounding, cleanliness and safe atmosphere is required for overall development of child.
For Classrooms
  • Classrooms and surrounding cleanliness.
  • Proper Ventilated classes 
  • If any child in class is running down with fever, cold and cough should be allowed to take rest at home till recovery. Other kids should stay away from them to avoid infections.
  • Regular Medical Checkups.
Drinking Water
  • Water Cooler should have clean filtered/RO water.
  • Water Cooler surrounding should be clean
  • Use of disposable glasses to avoid sharing of glasses.
For Toilets
  • Toilets are hub of infections so maintaining its cleanliness by regular cleaning with disinfectants.
  • All school toilets should have toilet roles, soaps, good availability of water.
  • Properly functioning of toilet flushes.
  • Maids and Aayas to help small kids to use washrooms and their cleanliness too.
  • Do not let kids share towels.
  • Kids with draining wounds or infections are not allowed to participate in practices or games until the wound has stopped draining.
  • Swimming Pools should be properly cleaned. Including the shower area.
  • Ask kids not to share their costumes, towels, combs etc with other kids.
  • Educate kids not to pee in the pool.
  • Educate kids not to intake pools water.
Educated your Kids

Personal Hygine: 
  • When Sneeze or cough cover your face with hands preferably handkerchief.
  • Avoid sharing eating and drinking utensils.
  • Avoid sharing towels and handkerchiefs.
  • Change socks and underwear daily.
  • Bathe or shower with soap each day.
  • Bathe or shower with soap after every sports practice or competition.
  • Keep cuts and wounds clean and covered with clean, dry bandages.

Hands should be washed: 
  • Before every meal or snack
  • After coming in from outside
  • After using the washroom
  • After sneezing