Protect Your Child From Being Bullied
- Dr. Kapila Sharma 
It is yet another topic to be considered and not to be ignored. Every child is unique, considering his/her nature, things should be kept in mind. Make sure the environment in the class should be friendly. Let them know that if they see someone being bullied, or are bullied themselves they should tell you freely.
Kids who are bullied are more likely to
  • Have lower grades in school.
  • Have low motivation.
  • Feel depressed.
  • Adapts violent behavior or become revengeful on their bullies.
Kids who bully are more likely to
  • Have lower grades in school.
  • Likely to get into criminal activities .
For Parents to-do :

Know Your Child
  • Ask about the doings in class daily.
  • Know about their friends and company.
  • Meet their company and friends often.
  • Teach kids to resolve the any problem with peers without fighting.
Class Rooms
  • Any bulling or aggressive child should be brought in notice of teacher.
  • Kids should be taught about good and bad behavior.
In School Bus 
  • Bullying often takes place on the school bus.
  • Ask children about their bus who they sit with, who they talk to, and what the other kids do.