Supervise Kids
  • Accompany your kids to playground and supervise them.
  • Playgrounds with soft surfaces such as rubber, synthetic turf, sand are better to play for kids as they cause less injuries on falls.
  • Teach children that pushing other kids while on the playground can be dangerous.
  • Always check to make sure no other kids are in the way if they're going to jump off the swings, and when they jump tthey should be both feet with their knees slightly bent.
Dress appropriately
  • Don't allow kids to wear clothes/jewllery that can strangle kids like necklaces, purses, scarves.
  • Don't wear helmets too for play-swings as they can strangle too
  • Always wear a helmet while bike riding.
Teach your kids proper use of Play Swings
  • Don't stand or try to walk on the slide surface of slides.
  • Don't stand on swing.
  • Don't get off the swing while in motion
  • Leave bikes, backpacks, and bags away from the play swings and the play area so that no one trips over them.
  • Check playground swings in the summertime. It can become uncomfortably or even dangerously hot, especially metal slides, handrails, and steps.