Safety in Bus
While Boarding the Bus
  • Accompany your kids to the bus stop and wait with them till the arrival of the bus.
  • Tell kids to stand behind at a safe distance about 10 feets behind  as the bus approaches.
  • Board the bus one at a time.
While Getting Off the Bus
  • Ask kids to wait for the bus to stop completely before getting off.
  • Teach kids never to walk behind the bus.
  • If your child needs to cross the road after getting off the bus, he/she should wait for the bus to leave and stand back or cross from the front of bus after indicating to the driver.
  • Teach kids to look right, left and right again before crossing the road.
While Traveling in the Bus
  • Ask your child to be seated while bus is in motion.
  • Ask you kids to use handrails when boarding or getting off the bus.
  • Drivers should always follow the speed limit and slow down in school zones and near bus stops.