Protect Your Children From Strangers
  • Teach kids to say NO and RUN away when in a difficult situation with Stranger .
  • Teach them to YELL as loud as possible when in a difficult situation with Stranger.
  • Teach them to TELL to a trusted adult like parents, teacher or guardian about situation faced with Stranger.
Make Your Children Practice "NO, GO, YELL and TELL" scenarios in different situations like -
  • A good looking stranger approaches for helping to find his dog.
  • A stranger offers your kid to buy some chocolates or sweets.
  • A neighborhood uncle or aunt never spoken before, ask your kid to come over for snacks.
  • If someone follows your kid.
  • If some unknown person comes and watches your kid daily in park .
  • If a stranger stops your kid for directions.
  • If a stranger makes your kid feel uncomfortable by his actions or words.  
Be a proactive Parent
  • Parent should know, where their kids are all the times.
  • Parents should tell their kids about who they can trust when in difficult situations.
  • Parents should ask kids to trust themselves and their instincts when in danger or in uncomfortable situation.
  • Parents should tell their kids not to play alone in parks. Always play in group.
  • Parents should teach their kids to NEVER take a lonely path or route.