Preventives and Precautionary Measures from Swine Flu for Kids 
- Dr. Kapila Sharma


What is it?

Swine Flu, is a viral infection, particularly H1N1 virus. This virus gets active particularly in winters, when there is change of temperature in weather. It is infectious in nature. Kids and old people are more vulnerable.

When kids comes in contact with the infected individual, this virus can be transmitted to kids through coughing and sneezing.



1) High Fever, more than 100°F.

2) Sore Throat, and Runny Nose.

3) Fatigue, getting over tired.

4) Loss of Appetite.

5) Muscle Pain, Body Pain - Pain in the whole body.

6) Nausea and Vomiting.

7) Diarrhea.

Whenever Swine Flu has become pandemic, children with above symptoms should be tested for the virus and treated accordingly under guidance of qualified physicians.

 Swine Flu


1) Washing Hands, with soap especially before having meals.

2) Hands should be sensitized.  Educate you kids about use of using sensitizers.

3) Avoid touching your nostrils and mouths frequently.

4) Educate your child not eat partially-eaten/half-eaten or leftover food among friends. Don't eat street food and  uncovered food.

5) Avoid getting close to individuals who has cold, coughing and sneezing.

6) Vaccinating child for Swine Flu, though it is not 100% effective.

7) Educate you kids about covering your face while sneezing or coughing.

8) Refrain child from attending school, when the child is sick and has above sign and symptoms.

9) Children who have chronic respiratory  troubles like Asthma, Bronchitis should be given more attention at the very beginning of illness, as they land up with complication early.

10) Avoid going to crowded and congested places like malls, theater etc during pandemic.  

11) Eat nutritious food and  drink plenty of water.

12) Don't shake hands with others.

13) Don't share or use personal belongings of others like towel and handkerchiefs.