Thirsty Crow

Thirsty Crow

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Thirsty Crow Hot Day

Kallu Made a Trip !!!


Summer season was going on. It

was a very hot day. A crow, Kallu,

decided to take a break from

summers and planned a trip to

Manali to meet his parents.

Thirsty Crow

Kallu Felt Thirsty !!!


Due to summer holidays, all flights

were booked. Kallu decided to fly

on his own. On the way, due to hot,

he felt very thirsty. There was no

airhostess around to serve water.

Kallu also forgot his wallet at home

in hurry.

Thirsty Crow - Quest for water

Kallu's Quest For Water !!!

He looked here and there in search

of water but he did not find

it. Suddenly, he saw a jug of water

below the tree. He flew straight

down to the jug.

He got disappointed to see that

the water level in jug was very low.

He was not able to reach the water.

Thirsty Crow - Drinking Water

Kallu drank Water !!!

He thought for a while and looked

around. He saw a straw which

somebody threw around. Kallu put

the straw in the jug and drank

water. Yippee !!!

Moral: Think Smart, Act Smart.